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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a simple video chat using Web RTC.You can view the demo above to see the video chat in action.

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What you need to do is check to see who sent the message.In order to get this video chat to work, we’ll use two important technologies.The first important technology is Web RTC (Web Real-Time Communication).Luckily you don’t need to import a library because Web RTC is built into your browser.That’s assuming you are using a browser that supports it.Here is the step-by-step procedure needed to make the video chat work.

(Note that I bolded words that sound strange, but are actually just Java Script objects in JSON.

We give each video player a fixed width and height in addition to margins. Believe it or not, this part of the code is under 60 lines.

//Create an account on Firebase, and use the credentials they give you in place of the following var config = ; firebase.initialize App(config); var database = firebase.database().ref(); var your Video = Element By Id("your Video"); var friends Video = Element By Id("friends Video"); var your Id = Math.floor(Math.random()*1000000000); var servers = ; var pc = new RTCPeer Connection(servers); pc.onicecandidate = (event = makes sure that this code works with different browsers.

If you add data to your Firebase database, someone on your website doesn’t need to refresh the page to see the new data. Unlike Web RTC, you need to import the Firebase Java Script library in order to use it.

You also need to create a free Firebase account, which allows 100 simultaneous connections. Firebase will allow us to send and receive messages live, which you need to get the video chat to work.

The next lines of code allow you to access your Firebase.