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If you have ever aspired to be a reality TV star than Cam Soda, an adult entertainment webcam platform, might be what you are looking for.While it’s nice to think of monetizing your time this way, be aware that many sites prohibit their models working with other sites.Check the To S (Term of Services) agreement with each site.Katy Perry has also recently started live streaming her life for her fans.The first segment was on June 9, when she kicked things off with a tour of a house she is currently staying in, as well as answering fan questions and interacting with followers across the globe.The firm has launched a new service that lets the average person broadcast their candid lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and it does not require any nudity or sex.

Called Life Stream, the Big Brother-like setup uses three webcams placed in different rooms to capture people's everyday lives, who are given $200 a month in return for sharing their intimate space.

You can juggle more than one chat site by leaving a standard message for the other sites when you go into private chat.

Make sure site administrators don’t view this message as it may breach their To S and you may get your account closed.

Cam Soda has said that anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to sign up and in return, they will be compensated with a $200 a month paycheck and the firm will also pay their monthly internet bill.

Once a person signs up, they receive a new state of the art camera rig, complete with one to three HD, 720P webcams that will be placed in various rooms of their home and broadcast 24/7.

Once you have a base site to work from, you can often work among other webcam sites at the same time to bring in more money.