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The ending between Fitz and Levshin was enough already.Finally, I would like to mention another scene, namely the one where Fitz' character tells Hain's character that he is going to leave town for spiritual reasons aiming at more harmony in his life. The real motivation here was that he got blackmailed and was scared of facing charges for GBH.

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Inscriptions on coins connect him with Falerii in Etruria, which may have been his birthplace; it has yielded many inscriptions relating to his mother's family, the Egnatii.Gallienus married Cornelia Salonina about ten years before his accession to the throne.She was the mother of three princes: Valerian II, who died in 258; Saloninus, who was named co-emperor but was murdered in 260 by the army of general Postumus; and Marinianus, who was killed in 268, shortly after his father was assassinated."Lügen" ("Lies") or "Lügen und andere Wahrheiten" ("Lies and other Truths") is the newest movie written and directed by Vanessa Jopp.I don't think she is particularly known, but probably among the five or ten most famous German female movie makers right now.While he won a number of military victories, he was unable to prevent the secession of important provinces.

His 15-year reign was the longest since the 19-year rule of Caracalla. The Greek chronicler John Malalas and the Epitome de Caesaribus report that he was about 50 years old at the time of his death, meaning he was born around 218.

A well-off Munich family offers boarding to a refugee.

Diallo from Nigeria soon makes friends among the family members, but they are tested when they have to face racism, bureaucracy and terror suspicions because of him.

The cast includes some well-known names: Florian David Fitz (big winner at the German Film Awards for "Vincent will Meer" not too long ago), Alina Levshin ("Kriegerin"), Jeanette (several international projects such as "The Reader").

In addition to that, there are Meret Becker and Thomas Heinze, both well known at least to German audiences, playing the lead couple of the movie. I have seen the film being advertised as a comedy, but I would disagree with that.

All the characters actions were intended to seem harmonic and self-confident towards others, but actually, there is always tension, sadness and discontent lurking under the surface.