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False carbon dating reads

Secondly, I would note that Newton's laws are not correct laws of physics in the theory of special relativity, and if anything is relativistic it is photons (light).

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So I was just wondering if such a thing could theoretically be possible.The momentum of an object is its mass times its velocity.If a system is isolated (like your gun bullet in space), its total momentum never changes. After you fire, the bullet emerges with a speed V since the total MV must be zero and they move in opposite directions.ANSWER: In everyday life the pound is often used to represent either the weight (force) or mass of something; similarly, in non-US countries, the kilogram is often used to measure weight (force).In physics, a pound is unambiguously a measure of force and a kilogram is unambiguously a measure of mass.What kind of radiation hazards exist with nuclear fusion as a potential power source?

I am currently taking a physics class in high school and we where discussing nuclear physics more specifically fusion and fission.

ANSWER: That depends by what you mean by "being in a place".

Atoms must be described quantum mechanically where we talk about probability of being rather than being.

So, the internal energy certainly can be greater than the kinetic energy.

This is not an issue for an ideal gas, but certainly is for a solid.

As I can presume you would sympathize with the frustration one can feel at 'bad/inaccurate science' being used to move works of fiction along, I ask the following questions in order to avoid said pitfall.