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Expiration dating for laboratory reagents and solutions

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We are proud that ROMIL, during the mid 1980s, were the first to introduce such an enhancement to the labelling of laboratory chemicals.

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Adverse reactions with atmospheric oxygen can produce dangerous peroxides and dryness can be degraded by contamination with atmospheric moisture.This means that when we supply a product with, for example, a 2 years shelf life it means exactly that.The shelf life has not been degraded, say, for 18 months, whilst sitting in our warehouse, leaving only 6 months for the customer to use it.Record the results in the laboratory journal and annotate the product label.But even so, a high purity solvent or acid should still be suitable for less demanding applications beyond its recommended shelf life.The solvent or acid cupboard below the laboratory bench is ideal and indeed modern safety regulations require that such chemicals are stored in appropriate cupboards whilst not in use.

Long-term exposure to excessively warm temperatures should be avoided.

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So to obtain the best performance from ROMIL products they should be used within the defined period of time and stored in such a way that minimises impurity build-up.