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Enabling development teams updating demo files

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is a cross-functional group of 5 to 10 people who have the ability and authority to define, build, and test some element of Solution value—all in a short Iteration timebox.Specifically, the SAFe Agile Team incorporates the Dev Team, Scrum Master, and Product Owner roles.

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Agile Teams are responsible for managing their work and producing value across the full life cycle from Continuous Exploration to Continuous Integration to Continuous Deployment to Release on Demand.This is because the planning and commitment elements of Scrum may not apply as efficiently for workloads that are activity and demand-based, and where priorities change more frequently.SAFe facilitates moving away from the traditional, phase-gated development model, in which user value is delivered at the end of a long life cycle with input from separate functional silos (requirements, design, test, deploy).The primary responsibility of Lean-Agile Leaders then becomes the coaching and mentoring of Agile Teams.SAFe teams use Agile practices of choice, based primarily on Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming (XP).In SAFe, Agile Teams power the Agile Release Train (ART) and are responsible for delivering larger solution value. And all teams are on a train, contributing to its Vision and Roadmap, collaborating with other teams, and participating in ART events.

In addition, they are largely responsible for building the Continuous Delivery Pipeline and ART Dev Ops capabilities.

Assigning work to individual team members is no longer required as teams are largely self-organizing and self-managing.

This enables decentralized decision-making all the way to the level of the individual contributor.

Relationships within the team are based on trust, facilitated by a common mission, Iteration Goals, and team PI Objectives.

Collaboration is continuously improved using regular feedback loops that are built into the learning cycle.

Most SAFe teams apply Scrum with XP (see SAFe Scrum XP) as the basic framework. The Scrum Master facilitates the team toward its delivery objectives and helps build a high-performing and self-managing group.