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Season 1 of Haven has a few rocky moments, but overall it's a thrilling series worthy of King. Picking up immediately following the events of the gripping Season 2 finale, with Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) having been kidnapped, longtime adversaries Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Duke (Eric Balfour) must put aside their differences, long enough to find and save her.

Sex and swearing are mild ("ass" is about as strong as the language gets), and drinking and drug use aren't at issue. " /Things are not always what they appear in this X-Files-esque sci-fi show.In Season 1 FBI Agent Audrey Parker is sent to Haven, Maine, and discovers that the town is home to a number of people that have mysterious abilities called the Troubles, and that a look-a-like of hers named Lucy was once there and could be her long lost mother.Emily Rose leads the cast as Parker and gives a strong performance.But she also has a vulnerable side, which comes out when she decides to investigate her own mysterious past.Parents need to know that this sci-fi series based on Stephen King's novella The Colorado Kid is eerie and full of supernatural mystery, but not particularly violent.We do a trouble-of-the-week, which is always a given, and we have the mythology, but we’ve also added this other long-term story in the mix, which is dealing with Audrey’s abductor. She has this external threat, always looming around her. All those things are really important questions, and she’s dealing with all of that while saving the world, but she’s capable.

What’s really neat about that, and what my showrunner talked to me about, early on in the season, was that that really places Audrey in a place of unrest, not that she isn’t already in enough of a place of unrest. I think that’s something that we will not be having answered immediately.

Sex and swearing are mild ("ass" is about as strong as the language gets), and drinking and drug use aren't at issue.

The first season of Haven follows FBI Agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) as she travels to Haven, Maine to catch an escapee from federal prison.

The audience will really enjoy piecing that together, as the season goes on.

At this point, the main questions on the show are, who is Audrey Parker, why does she return to this town with a new identity, every 27 years, and what is her connection to this town?

In the end, it was really nice to have not known, and then to be told that. It was just thinking, “My mother looked like me,” but I didn’t know. From an acting point of view, I would never have imagined that I’d be on a show this long, that has such a loyal fan base, and for it to be an international show. And then, on top of that, to be able to play more than one character is an actor’s dream. But, with the long-term mystery that’s coming into play this year, it really, really affects Audrey’s psychology, and how she feels towards both of these men and the people closest to her. I don’t know how much the drama feeds their relationship. There is a deep friendship between both of them, as best friends and partners, in the way that they work together and understand each other’s everything, in a lot of ways. It’s interesting to watch Audrey not let them off the hook, in that way.