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Diverged assimilation converging and accommodating

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There are different variables addressed in each learning style inventories.

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There may be moments where you sometimes skip a phase in the cycle or focus primarily on just one.The combination of how you do things and how you think about things creates our specific and preferred learning style.These are Diverging, Assimilating, Converging and Accommodating styles.Understanding different learning styles will enable a preceptor to adapt to facilitate learning.For instance, recognizing that one student learns best through listening, one prefers to see the material and another is most comfortable actually trying out information in real situations.We have known that people differ in how they learn, think and problem-solve.

Learning styles refer to the characteristic way a person processes information and behaves in a learning environment.

As a preceptor, organizing a learning activity that involves telling, showing and doing will ensure that each learner will be operating, at least part of the time, in their own preferred learning style.

Cycling through all styles will encourages deep, long-lasting learning.

If there a student is having difficulty understanding a concept or principle then acknowledging their preferred style and starting their learning process where they are most comfortable.

This will facilitate and enable a more effective learning experience for them.

Any learning style will help you understand how you learn best in an educational setting and in everyday life.