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Default offline address list exchange 2016 not updating

default offline address list exchange 2016 not updating-45

Init Special(Http Application State state, Method Info[] handlers, Int Ptr app Context, Http Context context) at System. Get Special Application Instance(Int Ptr app Context, Http Context context) at System.

We choose CU1 because Microsoft reverted Remote Power Shell Proxying Behavior in CU1 as mentioned here. Initialize Well Known Snapins If Needed(Exchange Runspace Configuration Settings settings, Boolean is Power Shell Web Service Session) at Microsoft. Build(List`1 all Cmdlets, List`1 all Scripts, Exchange Runspace Configuration runspace Config) at Microsoft. Render Children(Html Text Writer writer) at System. Render Control Internal(Html Text Writer writer, Control Adapter adapter) at ASP.default_aspx.__Render__control1(Html Text Writer __w, Control parameter Container) at System. Invoke(Object obj, Binding Flags invoke Attr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, Culture Info culture) at Microsoft.

Get List(DDIParameters filter, Sort Options sort) at Microsoft.

Get Module Collection(Int Ptr app Context) at System.

Register Event Subscriptions With IIS(Int Ptr app Context, Http Context context, Method Info[] handlers) at System.

Set Variable(String name, Object value) at Microsoft.

Invoke Core[O](PSCommand ps Command, Runspace Mediator runspace Mediator, IEnumerable pipeline Input, Web Service Parameters parameters, Cmdlet Activity activity, Boolean is Get List Async) at Microsoft.

So if I have a mailbox on Ex1 then it does not need Ex2.