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This has since been converted into a chain restaurant.

In 1956 several Neolithic stone axe heads were found in the town.Modern scholars have suggested that the name is shortened from an original “ (The Big Dictionary: Gomer Press) reveals that penardd/penarth eb (feminine noun) means 'promontory'.The civic town crest was drawn by the town's architect in 1875 from a detailed brief prepared by the Town Board.' to denote that the town is in Wales and a sailing vessel recognising Penarth's long association with sea commerce.Its proximity to Cardiff, which was the natural outlet for the industrial valleys of Glamorgan, and its natural waterfront meant that Penarth was ideally situated to contribute to meeting the world’s demand for Welsh coal through the construction of the docks.The development of the town continued to be rapid and Penarth soon became self-sufficient, with its own local government, a thriving shopping centre and many new community facilities.In the 1801 census, there were just 72 people living in the Manor.

Even as late as 1851, Penarth was still little more than a small rural farming and fishing village since medieval times, with just 24 houses and 105 residents, being one of five parishes contained within the Hundred of Dinas Powys, with a combined population of just over 300.

This figure had doubled by 1891 with the opening of the railway and had increased even further by 1901 to 14,228 persons.

The town of Penarth thus owes its development to the massive expansion of the South Wales coalfield in the 19th century.

The Norman church of St Augustine (on the headland) dates from this period.

After the dissolution of the monasteries the ownership transferred to the dean and chapter of Bristol Cathedral.

Although the number of holiday visitors has greatly declined, the town retains a substantial retired population, representing over 25% of residents, but Penarth is now predominantly a dormitory town for Cardiff commuters.