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Now, I am a large fan of the people behind the game - the main creator and one of the VAs, Michaela Laws, is one of the funniest people I've ever seen - and I can appreciate that it's one of her earlier games, but since I've played some amazing VNs and dating sims from another kickstarter developer named GBPatch I think I've become a little more picky. Christopher Escalante, one of the VAs on the project, was the composer, and his music is brilliant.Like holy crap this game isn't that good but the music alone can convey a good amount of emotion.

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It'd be kind of odd if she was the only English-voiced character when everybody else is speaking Japanese though...Essentially reused assets with the exception of Ruby. …can you imagine if they went to her Japanese VA, and ditched Lindsay Jones for everything except this trailer?GG and DBZ are currently unlikely given their using 3d models and and DBZ or GG sprites would look horribly out of place... It'd be kind of odd if she was the only English-voiced character when everybody else is speaking Japanese though... I'll bet when the Japanese fans clamor for a dub, with the Japanese VAs, they'll get it…Can you think of any awesome music tracks in otherwise mediocre games? v=AERzi SLjwl Y This was played in Enter the Dragonfly, a game that's just not that great but does have awesome music we have come to expect from the Spyro series at that point. I have a MAJOR crush on korrina and i think she's totally awesome! : P I have autism too I think the Zelda CDI games are a great example of this. Pretty awful game when compared to the rest of the X series due to the extremely frustrating level designs and nightmare effect, but oh my goodness is the soundtrack mind-blowing!This track especially makes you feel like a total BADASS! Notorious for their bad controls and crappy cutscenes, but they have a great soundtrack. So many amazing themes, with the Sigma final boss theme taking the cake. v=Lu WDDQRx3ZY "Because I like BW and SM when a lot of people don't, if someone criticizes SM, even if it's a valid criticism, I will suddenly complain that no one criticized XY in the same way.They're not burning that bridge I doubt lj3 is someone so finnicky as to care abou5 the lyrics language.

Edit: And we know nasu intends for another melty blood. I mean it, but still, as much as I want that to happen so that I can read it the way it would have been if there wasn't any hilariously stupid-sounding porn and nice art, I have no confidence in that happening any time soon.

The only thing holding it back from being a tier one game is the music.

Don't get me wrong, Sakimoto is a good composer, but I just feel that he was a bad choice for this game as the music didn't suit it very well (although there are a couple of fitting tracks). Not sure why the entire game being one giant dungeon is a bad thing. There is a d-counter though, and if that reaches 100%, then you die.

Right they have a link to TM there, that'd be amazing. tfw you know that at least half of the people not impressed with RWBY's music would have the exact opposite opinion if it were sung in Japanese. Definitely want the character songs (Red Like Roses I, Mirror Mirror, and Boop in particular), but maybe also the OP themes, I May Fall, Caffeine, This Life Is Mine, and Armed and Ready also I doubt lj3 is someone so finnicky as to care abou5 the lyrics language.

Getting a saberface in as well isn't the most farfetched thing ever. I hope they include Akatsuki as well even if he was already a crossover character in UNIEL in the first place.

Even though I pretty much hate and detest them the horrors i'd go through with kh13 forum and stuff PLEASE READ MY SIGNATURE TO LEARN WHAT MAKES ME TICK AND STUFF. -- that nonetheless had an excellent soundtrack primarily by Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal -- an accomplished guitarist who can best be described as Buckethead-lite.