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To make a long story short, she is really into being healthy, almost to an unhealthy extreme.Up at 6 to jog, workout tape at and off to work by 8.

Frankly, I have no idea what you were getting out of your relationship.Why would you want to have a future with a woman who treats your relationship “superficially” and “dispassionately”?Why would you want to marry a woman who would rather sleep than enjoy dinner and dancing with you?I know she was hurt, but it’s just her way of expressing herself.We tried to reconcile, but the “other girl” would call and antagonize the situation with lies.But the real thing for you to consider is what exactly you have to gain through reconciliation.

Fact is, you spent a year with this woman and you know exactly what to expect when you get back together, the same thing that was so dissatisfying that you had to seek out another woman.

But this girl was no doubt like this before he met her and when he met her, so there’s nothing new under the sun her.

We often get ourselves into these situations, knowing full well how someone is, but then complaining about it later, and wanting to change the other person.

I haven’t seen this girl since my girlfriend and I broke up.

My girlfriend says she can’t trust me and she’s scared I will hurt her again.

I had been with my girlfriend for just about a year.