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Dating your yamaha guitar

dating your yamaha guitar-36

I am compiling a list of 6 & 7 digit serial numbers with confirmed dates of manufacture from the internal date codes.

I found another on a country wide search of Craigs List but in 2 attempts they haven't replied. Probably only the true hardcore vintage Yamaha fan will read it. I’ve also found the Green Label FG’s have a different truss rod cover, with “Reinforced Neck” on it, very different than the one you normally see.That cover made it onto the earliest FG’s imported into the US, before changing to the familiar one.Since the serial numbers are consecutive, there is no date meaning.The date code together with the serial number gives me solid points to figure out when other serial numbers where made.The approximate serial number transition from 1971 to 1972 is 1500000. I have lots of serial numbers, and only 3 date codes. The Tan Labels look to start in late 1972 and go to early 1975.

A summary for the Taiwan made FG's, approx 1972 to 1976: Like the NIPPON GAKKI FG’s, they have an 8 digit serial number on the brace under the end of the fretboard. In mid 1973 they dropped the "T" from the numbers on the neck block.

I’ve written other articles on: the history of the Yamaha FG 1966-1981 & FG-3XX series; vintage Yamaha truss rod adjustment procedure; vintage Yamaha neck reset procedure; replacement nuts & saddles; Yamaha FG weights; Japanese emperor date codes; Republic of China date codes; and I’m working on many others.

My latest interest is decoding the mystery of the 6 & 7 digit serial numbers.

I’ve also found there are internal date codes that will reveal when the guitar was made. Date Code located on one of the interior sides of the guitar.

I’ve started a list of guitars I’ve found (including 3 of mine) with the model number, the serial number, and the date code, which will allow the 6 & 7 digit serial numbers to be grouped into a range for each year, allowing any 6 or 7 digit serial number to be cross referenced to the year it was made.

Sorry for the delay..with work and other guitar projects!