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Of course there are legit things you can get angry about, like if he completely blows you off for someone else.But if you get angry about stupid little things, he might get freaked out.

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Source: Shutter Stock Guys are not stupid, yet some girls seem to think they are totally oblivious. If he's smart, he'll notice when you're being sneaky.So if you spend an entire date talking crap about your friends, your ex, that dude from gym class... Don't be all about him one week and then think you need to show distance by backing off're going to make him think twice about a second date. He'll wonder what exactly you're doing behind his back and if this relationship is even going to go anywhere, so is it even worth it?Some of the websites are fake and only designed to cheat people.There are so many premium & free dating sites in India. For example you cannot send message to someone until you add your profile picture.If you just make plans without telling him, he'll think you're controlling.

If you always assume you know what he's thinking or doing, he'll think you're insecure and maybe a little crazy. 10 tips on how to date a guy who’s scared of commitment Follow Gurl, pretty please!

Don't assume you know what he's talking about or doing if you haven't asked him ever.

Assuming things is a quick way to make yourself look like an idiot.

Source: Shutter Stock Dudes are generally not into gossip. Source: Shutter Stock You might think you need to play games with every dude, but that's not true.

I mean, yeah, some of them could be, but generally they don't like drama. " This makes you seem insecure and also possessive. Being too inconsistent is a sure way to scare him off.

Source: Shutter Stock Here's what I mean by this: don't make plans with him without getting his input.