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Dating tip for women

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You can also talk about weather and what kind of weather you prefer.That seems so simple, yet it can give powerful effect on a man.

When you see the handsome or charming single guy that you want to chase and talk to, you should quickly grab the seat next to him and start a conversation in the most attractive way as possible.It might be a brief hello or an excuse when you reach across in front of him to get a disk or any stuff.When you are both waiting for coffee latte, it is the perfect time to attract his attention by saying sentences that make him interested in, such as “can I sit down here? Or else, you can comment about the smell or tasty look of the cakes.Or else, you can also slip it into his pocket when passing by him or leaving the place.In fact, most men will really not care where you write the number on as long as they have it.If you have not noticed that your attire is really important, guys notice these things.

They always focus on what you are wearing – especially whether or not your wearing stuff can highlight or mess you up. If you wear a tank top, tight top, or push up bra, man will notice your cleavage.

You should save yourself from the case that the phone number you gave him can be lost by coming up with a “signature” calling card – something that’s memorable.

You should think about what you want to say on the card.

If men are interested in a woman, they will tend to ask her for the phone number.

However, if you are in case that there is a man that is attractive to you, you should actively give him your number instead of waiting hopelessly.

You should come up with something more special than just leaving your phone number.