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Dating someone whos in the closet

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VERDICT Turnbull had a stated position in favour of an Australian republic, a carbon trading scheme and gay marriage.

Nor will Fraser ever be celebrated by the economic rationalists for, despite controlling both houses of parliament, he left the important economic reforms for the subsequent Labor Government of Bob Hawke.For this reason, it is worth knowing what values a prime minister has lived by in his or her personal lives, as well as the policies he or she implemented to regulate the affairs of Australian society.MAIN POLITICAL TRICK - Do nothing Australia has two voting innovations that stifle extremism and encourage political parties to aim for the "middle-ground".Firstly, preferential voting ensures that it is the least hated (rather than most liked) that win seats.Secondly, compulsory voting forces the apathetic voters (who are not rusted on to a party or care much about the electoral process) to cast votes. Turnbull's aim for the middle-ground basically involved not fighting for anything at all.Australia's prime ministers have been quite an eclectic bunch.

They have suffered from an assortment of physical deformities, uttered some "colourful" phrases and, on the sly, shown that they have somewhat of liking for debauched behaviour.

Although Turnbull didn't damage Australia like some other PMs, an inanimate carbon rod would have been more useful in the position.

; Keating had a remarkable ability to bluff people in that he managed to convince the true believers that all his failures were achievements.

Due to his alienation from both sides of politics, losing his trousers in Memphis is the best Fraser can hope to be remembered for.

VERDICT Supporters of Whitlam declare that he changed Australia.

Artists like Pro Hart, Brett Whitely and Jeffrey Smart provided new takes on the landscape and identity.