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Dating sites for skiers

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When singles browse on Luv Byrd for a match, they can feel confident that their date prospects will have enough common ground to make the conversation flow smoothly from the get-go.Users can see on someone’s profile the activities they’re into and the adventures they’ve been on, which takes the guesswork out of online dating.

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Users can search by gender, age, location, summer activity, and winter activity to find a year-round companion who has similar interests.If you want to see who’s visited your profile, for instance, it costs a couple bucks.Niche dating websites unite people through a common passion or personal trait, and love of the outdoors is the unifying factor for Luv Byrd members.“There is no created algorithm — though you might say the user creates his or her own algorithm.” The dating site brings like-minded people together and lets them take it from there.Luv Byrd suggests certain matches (in the Connections tab) based on specific criteria, but it mostly leaves users to their own devices in the dating scene.When Mike Keshian promoted his fledgling dating site on social media, he didn’t expect that it would be the start of his own love story.

The young Coloradoan created Luv Byrd in 2014 to match up outdoor enthusiasts on dates, and he ended up finding his compatible match along the way.

Their romantic connection only grew stronger with time.

Three years later, Mike and Kelly are still together and have traveled to 12 states, visited three countries, and enjoyed countless adventures in the outdoors.

Networking with your fellow adventurers is easy and fun on Luv Byrd, a Colorado-based dating site full of outgoing singles who enjoy hiking, biking, climbing, and boating.

With no algorithms to force matches, the platform encourages active daters to meet more organically based on their own personal preferences.

Luv Byrd has a presence in every state in the US, but by far its strongest foothold is in Colorado where the mountains attract many outdoorsy folks.