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Be Safe All organizers and members should take ownership over their personal safety and should never put themselves or others in danger.

Shocking, Disturbing, and Violent Content Gratuitously graphic, disgusting, obscene, or violent content is prohibited.Instead, Meetup's features should be used to build the group's capacity and create opportunities for meaningful connections within a local community.Group Conduct Policies Be Safe All organizers and members must take ownership over their safety, and must never put themselves or others in danger.Be Compassionate: Don't Harass, Bully or Shame Harassment and bullying are not allowed on Meetup.Meetup will honor requests to remove content that publicly shames or degrades a private individual.Be respectful in interactions with people and in content posted on the platform.

Meetup monitors and restricts behaviors that are dishonest, undermine the integrity of the platform, violate personal boundaries, or serve to intentionally upset people.

Be Yourself: Fake Accounts & Impersonation Creating fake accounts, malicious accounts, or accounts meant to impersonate another person, is prohibited on Meetup.

Be Respectful Respecting people's time, attention, personal choices, and personal boundaries is essential to creating safe and trusting communities.

Where appropriate, organizers should also set guidelines for their Meetups to ensure their members are participating safely.

No Threats, Violence, or Personal Endangerment Using Meetup to promote, facilitate, or organize violent, criminal, or non-consensual actions that endanger anyone, physically, mentally or emotionally, is prohibited.

Be Real Meetup profiles are intended to represent real people in a local area.