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Dating on gta 4 ballad of gay tony

Call your friend and perform activities with him on a regular basis to increase your 'like stat'.

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There are five friends in total, which become available at different times during the storyline.Don't take your friend to an activity that he doesn't like or your 'like stat' will reduce.You can perform upto four activities on each outing in order to give your 'like stat' the highest possible boost.Friends and girlfriends become available as you progress through the storyline.There are five friends and five girlfriends in total, and each character has a unique set of preferences.If your friend calls but you aren't able to hang out, respond positively and then call immediatley afterwards to cancel the activity. There are five different girls which Niko can date, two of which are unlocked automatically during the storyline, and the rest of which are available via the in-game internet.

Call one of the girls to arrange a date, then pick her up within 1 hour (2 real-time minutes) and take her to one of the activities shown on the map.

Despite this, she still has reactions to Roman being shot, including looking down at the body and crying.

This implies that Kate may have initially been present at the wedding no matter whether Deal or Revenge was chosen.

When her opinion of a specific place falls below 25, she refuses to go there anymore.

In order to get the maximum success out of a date, therefore, you should refer to the initial opinions of all the activities listed in the table below, and try to vary the activities from date-to-date.

Franklin shoots the gas to incinerate Trevor before the tanker explodes.