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Dating on cruise ships

There are indeed so many choices, from "party boats" in the Caribbean and luxury yachts in the Mediterranean to river cruises in Asia and expedition ships in Antarctica.

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However, think twice before you book a medispa appointment.Plus, taking the stairs could help you keep off the extra pounds Gail Guilliams mentioned in her tip."Sunburn isn't fun at home, why would you want it on vacation? Pack your favorite brands in a protective SPF level, and don't forget to reapply if you're on the beach for more than a few hours.You are on an incredible ship, eating incredible food, having your bed made several times a day and people from around the world are AWAY from their FAMILIES to serve us, the cruise passenger guests," Scott Lara insists.Remember that even when things go wrong, you can still have fun if you take it all in stride. There's something about mega-ships, those floating skyscrapers laid sideways.Several other lines including cruise giants Carnival and Royal Caribbean have re-routed ships that are supposed to be sailing in the Eastern Caribbean this week into the Western Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean on Tuesday also canceled two sailings to The Bahamas scheduled to begin on Friday aboard the 2,350-passenger Majesty of the Seas and the 2,446-passenger Enchantment of the Seas.

Cruises are social vacations and a fun way to meet new people from around the country or world.

Chat up your shipmates by the pool, at the buffet and on a shore excursion.

you will gain weight as the week goes on," Gail Guilliams said.

"One of my tips is, don't pack your passport in your luggage or you will not be let onboard until they find your luggage among thousands of luggage," Janet Ortega said.

In a similar vein, Sue suggests, "I have found that always having a backpack to go on excursions with is the best thing …