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Dating is warfare

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You pay, let him pay, play rock paper scissors to decide who gets the tab this time or split it to the last decimal point for all it matters but just don’t fret about it. Why do some men feel obligated to pay on the first date and are ultimately happy to go dutch once she’s definitely their ‘girlfriend’? But what I do know is that you’re going to need to find your comfort zone and if you can establish it on the very first date. Just like with online shopping, you should be able to use whichever payment option you like. Time and money may be the cornerstones of power as per every ‘moral tale’ you ever read, but when it comes to love, it’s all about sustainability.

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Everyone's sitting in a circle, my mom at the head (it is her birthday party after all).But the second he made his way to the empty chair, I heard a distinct tittering among the group. So understand that I am writing about how I was feeling at the moment - whether it was accurate or not.]The Face Reader knew WG was my boyfriend and, being the only unmarried couple at the party, this presented a great opportunity for her to talk about romantic compatibility as seen through facial structure. The very first thing she says when his butt hits the chair is that we should definitely get married. A few more people had their turns and then it was mine, second to last.[Disclaimer: It was at this very moment that the potential embarrassment of what was about to happen hit me. I sat down in the chair and looked into the Face Reader's eyes, praying I would be spared further embarrassment.She looked at me deeply for a moment and then, very kindly, looked up towards Wine Guy across the circle and said firmly and with utter confidence, "OK. I believe I even turned around and literally put my hand over my mom's mouth at one point.You need to marry him."Huge burst of raucous laughter. Wine Guy was laughing and seemed fine but it didn't matter. When I realized the crowd was not going to simmer down right away, I tried to wait it out.I was so busy writing that I hardly had time to ruminate about the fact that both Wine Guy and I were going to have to sit there and have our faces read in front of everyone, Yentas and all. Then she started saying something about how the most compatible couples have a 70/30 match of facial features (70% similar, 30% dissimilar) and that Wine Guy's and my facial features totally line up. If only I wasn't dizzy with embarrassment while I was hearing it.

I could tell that Wine Guy was excited about doing it, being a trained astrologer and all. The rest of what she said about Wine Guy is also a blur (I have to consult the notes I was able to scribble down for him) but I know her comments were accurate and that she thought he had an interesting face (handsome, if I do say so myself).

But at the time, and for the remainder of the party, I was pissed off.

I felt like my face reading time was ruined by their heckling and that my mom and my brother were completely out of line.

Next to my mom is an empty chair and next to the empty chair is a woman with a warm eyes and a stack of books to sell.

Every 5-8 minutes, someone from the circle gets up, walks across the the circle and sits down in the empty chair.

If you’re going to graduate from the School of Dating and get admission into the Relationship University, you need to get great marks and ace these games. Call me old fashioned but a text just doesn’t cut it after a first date. And don’t even think about leaving your message for voicemail to pick up. If you’ve been raised on a diet of Hollywood rom-coms like I was,you would have heard about the ‘Two Days Rule’.