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Dating is like shopping

In a shop you flick through garments on a rack of clothes, quickly sizing them up on gut instinct.When something catches your eye, you might look more closely at the price tag, the equivalent of tapping a card to see a few more details on an app.

For one thing, dating apps require little investment on the part of the suitor.Of nearly 20 single New York City women in their 20s through 40s I asked recently, most told me they rely on apps to get dates — not because they like it better, but because men are less inclined to approach them in real-life, natural settings.And because they want their search for a loving partner to be as quick and efficient as possible.Swipe left to dismiss a dress, right to save it to a wishlist.Swiping through cards on an app isn't unlike shopping in a store, points out Brian Louko, one of the founders of the Tinder-for-fashion app Kwoller.But at old-school singles events like Social Concierge’s, “there still may be fear she won’t like you, but not the fear of being shut down if you approach her.” Zack also has a plea to men that other women clearly share: “Let’s revive the romance.

In the world of dating apps and websites, Tinder has proven to be something of a breakaway success.

Fact is, many women still prefer men to approach them, in bars and other social settings, just as they did in the old days.

And some businesses are looking to facilitate that.

Dating when you' re young is like shopping at a Farmers Market.

, Everything looks fresh, new, wand taste delicious!

“Dating apps are like shopping, but, in this case, for people,” says Manhattan psychiatrist Will Winter.