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Dating in the salsa scene

In addition, we add some styling techniques to make your crossbody leads better for both MEN and WOMEN! This simple salsa dance video lesson will show you how to connect beginner and intermediate salsa dance moves into a simple combination.We will utilize a regular cross body lead, S-turn, Cross Body Lead 180 and a hammer lock loop over lock in sequence for this combination.

Be sure to hit the club early to guarantee avoiding the line. Every night of the week is a different nationality theme party.This episode will teach everyone the basic crossbody lead in salsa dancing.For most of you, this will be a very essential move to pull-off some of the other complicated combinations.Its the place where you can gaze into your special someone's eyes while enjoying a candle lit dinner and still party it up and show off your moves.More Info750 College St Probably one of the most fun clubs in Toronto for a number of reasons.They usually offer beginner salsa lessons on Friday nights.

After the lesson, the dance floor opens up to everyone and the real party starts. More Info If you're looking to practice your bachata, cha cha, merengue or salsa, El Rancho has a dance crowd that would seriously help step up your game.

If you have a history of terrible breakups, you may want to reconsider dating within the scene.

The reason is simple: you’ll probably have to see them again.

West You cannot miss the Lula Lounge sign on Dundas, they seriously went all out with lights.

It's a great place to listen to live Latin bands of Toronto who really know how to get the party started.

Lets just say its not their first time at this rodeo.