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The empathy thought characteristic of his work was absent for people in what he chose to call “darktown.” Cooke recoils from bigotry and violence. We understand our ‘nigras’.” I heard it as frequently as he must have 25 years before. In the South, the distinctiveness of individuals and publications regarded as enlightened was not that they favored desegregation – they didn’t – it was that they were opposed to lynching and the poll tax.He blames the outrages in the South on the “white trash”, and there were certainly a fair portion of goons among them, but he quite fails to appreciate that the mores and practices of society were set by the elites who charmed him as they charmed me so many years later. The business and community leaders in the White Citizens’ Councils forswore violence while they organized civil repression – the denial of work, credit, supplies, housing, and of course the vote.

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In the webisodes, Alistair wears a brown, chained necklace. Still new to the customs of Ever After, Alistair explores for the sake of knowledge.As he writes in his discerning introduction to the selection, some observers might have ducked the ugly truth of racial injustice in the South. He indicts the sins of white supremacists whose segregationist policies are “conceived in hate and spawn illiteracy”; he condemns the “evil delinquents” who spat on the black schoolgirl entering Little Rock; but he exhibits an excess of understanding for the South’s historic excuses.He adopts, as his own, the position of the ruling elites that if the critics would just leave them alone, they’d gradually enter the civilized world., edited by David Meghan, is absorbing because the reporting is so vivid, but it is also disturbing because it is so honest.We see into the mind of an educated, liberally disposed humanitarian confronted by the daily life of people in the South who happen to be black.Cooke’s own feelings are a remarkable portrait of white liberal opinion at the time – North as well as South.

I know his observations to be right on the mark because I followed in Cooke’s footsteps. Cooke began his travels in the mid-thirties, when pictures of Franklin Roosevelt were the only decoration in the sharecroppers’ tarpaper shacks. In economic terms, the ebullient (“I like Ike”) fifties were wholly different from the Depression era of Cooke’s travels; in human terms, the country had not changed at all.

Already disappointed by Wonderland's closure, Alistair is determined to ensure that his pursuit of his destiny is safe at Ever After High, where he can learn and take in more experiences of the curious world around him. In Latin American Spanish, Alistair is voiced by José Ángel Torres. Sometimes he can get a bit overconfident with himself, calling himself a 'riddle master', but is selfless, brave and well-rounded in character either way.

Like all of the other Wonderlandians, Alistair shows that he misses Wonderland a great amount.

He was stuck in Wonderland before traveling with Bunny to Ever After, where they are currently staying with the rest of the Wonderlandians.

In the destiny conflict, he is on the Royal side for the sake of his future adventures and riddles as the next Alice.

Alistair Wonderland is a 2015-introduced and all-around character.