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Dating for revenge

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While away from school on winter break, John was informed that he had been accused, but was not even told who was accusing him until a week after he returned.

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Jane also returned to sleep in John’s bed the following night.John provided Hall a list of witnesses who knew him and Jane, but was told that if he didn’t provide a written statement, the investigation would continue without him being able to defend himself.John provided Hall a written statement two days later, which called the accusation “simply not true” and re-iterated that he did not “have non-consensual sex with her at anytime.” Hall told John the statement was inadequate and would not provide additional information about the accusation.I just want to be able to live my life," Lazarus said.His attorney, Joe Matthew, said the alleged attack lost Lazarus his job and destroyed his life. " Matthew said."I didn't think it could ever affect me because it was false," Lazarus added.Neither Allegheny nor John’s attorney responded to a Federalist request for more information.

John’s claims against Allegheny were some of the most egregious I have ever seen.

Despite this, John was informed on March 6, three days after he reviewed the file, that he had been found responsible for sexual assault.

Jane appealed the decision, providing additional witnesses, explaining how the process was unfair and he was denied access to the full report until just before his appeal hearing, and how Allegheny ignored witnesses who claimed Jane was a known liar. John was only allowed to review the investigative report used to make a decision against him one day before his appeal hearing.

A 2014 Tinder date turned into a living nightmare for a Houston man and now he's taking legal action.

Three years after Joseph Lazarus swiped right on the app, he's now suing his former lover. He said the ex-girlfriend created fake social media profiles and took aim.

She proceeded to send him texts for several weeks about their relationship, which John largely ignored.