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Dating for forty somethings

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In the past fifteen years, professional whitening has increased by 300 percent.Maybe it's all the people prepping for new reality shows.

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Too dark and it looks like you applied shoe polish to your hair. Always opt for an ash tone, which looks more natural. Just add a little pepper to your salt with something like Redken's Color Camo ($15; Face: Whatever you choose to do, look like you care.2. Other: For what she goes through, a little effort is the least you can do.5. Getting one also seems to make your wife happy — but so does Bethenny Ever After. Over the last five years, it's seemed like everything you can buy for your face — aftershave, moisturizer, sparkly eye shadow — has an added element: the promise of youth.Laser hair removal has made great improvements in the past year. Jeffrey Dover, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine, the new machines can do your entire back in fifteen minutes (as opposed to an hour).I don't have any expectations, just a fear that this will mess me up. I can only think of Sylvester Stallone and Marty Feldman. On the plus side, your new teeth last twenty years, giving you a fair shot at paying them off right around the time they have to be replaced. Redken Structure Wax ($21; or Murray's pomade ($3; will give it shine.The choppy textured mess that's passed as a haircut for the past decade has cleaned up. By adding a little more length and a distinct part, your haircut can still look relaxed but also polished. How to ask for it: The sides should be tapered with scissors, not clippers, and short enough that you don't need to comb them back. —Rodney Cutler Over the last year or two, many grooming companies have followed the Pert Plus trend, packing multiple products in one bottle.They're not quite as good as separate products, but they are more convenient.

Dove Men Care has a body wash ($5; you can also use on your face without drying it out, and Nivea for Men makes an inexpensive shampoo/body wash/shaving cream ($6; that — somehow — actually works as all three.

Your eyebrows should begin just inside wherever the comb crosses them. Clean the bottom line of your brow, removing any stray hairs. Tweeze any strays that grow outside the expected eyebrow zone — like your temples or forehead.

But don't pull out too much or you risk giving your brows shape.3. The joy, pain, and controlled substances of cosmetic dentistry By Peter Martin As tempted as I am to smile on the walk home from the dentist, to show off the results of a process I spent the last two hours wishing would be over, I know it's a bad idea.

With all the things a man can do, it's gotten nearly impossible to determine which things he should. Or if you happen to be rich, Sisleum for Men Revitalizer ($265;

According to Beverly Hills dermatologist Harold Lancer, three effective ingredients are polyphenols (to reduce redness and swelling), coenzyme Q10 (to repair damaged skin cells and bind to harmful waste products in your skin and push them to the surface, where they can shed), and alpha hydroxy acids (to help your skin shed evenly and promote even skin tone).

Plus, they now can treat all skin types and most hair colors, although it's still not good for blond or white.