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Dating debate partner

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Ideally, you want a partner who shares some of the same interests, laughs at your jokes, and has similar hopes for the future. Have you considered what it’s like to date someone who doesn’t share your same political point of view? When it comes to political parties, you probably have some preconceived notions.But sweeping generalizations really only hurt one person: you.

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Or maybe you believe they’ll understand your opinions after you’re married. But banking on this change is where you’re bound to go wrong.Essentially, if your partner’s political party really rubs you the wrong way, learn to accept it or cut them loose now.Learning to live with it, but still holding it against them isn’t healthy for either of you.We know you want to share all of your thoughts and feelings with your partner.But when it comes to politics, it’s not a bad idea to set some limits.This also means you won’t be watching coverage of speeches or debates in the same room, as this could be fodder for an argument later on.

We know how it is — when you’re left-leaning and your partner veers to the right side of politics, it can feel like you’re hitting a brick wall during conversation. This is someone you’re dating, not an opponent in a debate. D., tells Psych Central, “Debaters listen to prove that they’re right and the other is wrong.

Some wish to spend every single waking moment with the love of their lives, whereas others need a lot of personal space as well.

This doesn’t mean that the latter’s love is any less, just that they have different emotional needs.

e Harmony suggests calmly discussing political issues with your partner, then deciding to keep those subjects out of your conversation.

Or, you can even choose to avoid political discussions altogether.

And wait to speak until your partner is completely finished with their thought.