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One of the most renowned theater librettists and composers, Cristoforo Ivanovich, was born in Venetian Budua.

Greek colonization of Adriatic began in 4th century BC, when an Emporium was established on the site of Budva.After the war, the Serbian army entered Budva after it was abandoned by Austrian forces and it came under the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.In 1941, with the beginning of World War II, Budva was annexed by the Kingdom of Italy.Budva was finally liberated from Axis rule on 22 November 1944 and incorporated in SR Montenegro, now part of SFR Yugoslavia.A catastrophic earthquake struck Budva on 15 April 1979.Circa 1200, it became the see of a Roman Catholic Diocese of Budua, which lasted until 1828 and was nominally revived as a Latin titular bishopric.

The Venetians ruled the town for nearly 400 years, from 1420 to 1797.

In the 2nd century BC, the area of Budva became part of the Roman Empire.

Upon the fall of the Empire and its division into east and west, the defensive barrier which separated the two powers happened to run across this area, subsequently making a lasting impact on the history and culture of this town.

The municipal parliament consists of 33 deputies elected directly for a five-year term.

Following the last local election held on 16 October 2016, the ruling DPS lost its absolute majority, the new local government being formed by a coalition of opposition parties.

Fall color in Arizona is dropping off the Mogollon Rim and heading towards the deserts at this time.