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Dating a prostitute

After winding through huge markets and different areas of the city, I had finally made it to the river.

Other women looked at her in a disapproving ways, men looked at her and then me as if knowing what was going on.Shortly after sitting on a small bench, a young woman came and sat next to me. I told her my name, and as we sat in silence, my heart began to break. We spent a few minutes talking about the river and the city, small things like that. She explained in broken English that her job was to have sex.I could see from her poorly done makeup and the way she dressed that I was probably a customer to her. When she said this I could tell she was partly ashamed to admit this and also partly wondering if I was interested.Out of insecurity of the situation, I explained to her again that I was not a customer and did not want anything in return. ” While waiting for our food, I got to know Anette a little better.She said she understood so I let the situation play out. She is 25 and travels back and forth from the rice fields for work.I tried to make sure that she at least knew the name Jesus.

After that I knew the best thing I could do was show Jesus to her. Because of travel and work I have no friends.” After our food came to the table, she asked my permission to get it to-go so her sister could eat some of it.

I kept prodding about her life and found out that because her mom passed away, she takes care of her 7-year-old sister. She said, “I don’t like work but I like having a customer. I agreed even after she refused to let me buy her sister her own meal.

Then I remembered the market I walked through earlier.

” The way she said this made it obvious that she didn’t want to do this work at all. When she locked eyes with me and said, “You are good man,” I took the opportunity to share the Gospel with her.

I tried my best to explain it in a way that she would understand, but the language barrier was strong.

It was only then that Anette finally believed that I didn’t want anything.