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Dating a biker chick

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I would rather be myself and loved for it than being loved for what I wear, the technical gadgets I may possess, or the art on my skin. However, I am not sure how professional 80's hair would be for work! Bikes do seem kind of "faddish" for some at the moment though. No women in her 40s to 50s will look at me twice but I get all kinds of looks from 20 somethings and the over 55 crowd...that they are too young too inmature.

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We play very hard, but also give back to the community. Rubbing my engine is not about making noise in a parking lot, it's getting my heart rate to 180 and keeping it there for 5 to 10 minutes.I'm 44 and I look for profiles of women who are 35 to 50.In case anyone thinks I'm looking at women too young for me, my ex-wife from my recent divorce is 35. And every goddamm profile that expresses the desire for tattoos is sickening. I thought it was geeky, hipsters in skinny jeans, or collar popping frat-boys. All kidding aside, OP you are going to find some that are just trend seekers out there. Actually my boyfriend says his experience was opposite.The result is that a significant number of women want to constantly be entertained and a good man is not as entertaining as the bad boy.In most other countries , people are not constantly excessively stimulated and so do not find good men boring the way many American women do.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

I've been trying to find women within my "age group" who I might be compatible with.

And by the way, nothing wrong with Harley bikers, male or female. There's nothing more beautiful than the chiseled ass of a cyclo girl. Find your hobby, embrace the are stuck in the past, with the notion a Biker is a rebel who will wisk them away from their boring life of suburbia and show them dont yet know a modern biker isnothing like a 70's biker It's a simple answer.

American society has produced individuals with low attention spans who view boredom as a living hell.

I'm a biker no im not a crusty mealy mouthed over tatted mofo either.

I enjoy bikes if you cant accept me for that then I suppose I will never be the man for you.

If he has piercing or tattoo it's cool as long as hr doesn't look like a freak. But if a guys doesn't have a lil Honda or Kawasaki or whoever else I would still give them a chance idk where u find all those " biker chick " wannabe Wow - the judgment in here is thick!