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Danna paola eleazar gomez dating

The animosity heightens between Antonella and Patito when both fall for Mateo.

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The show's producers declined to commission a second season, and instead, opted to focus on Eme 15's success as a musical act.Producer Pedro Damián explained that the project is not a remake, nor is it an adaptation of the 1987 telenovela, Quinceanera.The project was first announced in late 2010, and filming began on October 12, 2011 in Mexico City.Miss XV (sometimes stylized as Miss 15) is a Mexican teen musical television series, it was inspired by the 1987 telenovela Quinceañera.Pedro Damián produced the series for Nickelodeon and Canal 5 in 2012.As Patito begins high school she is met with taunts and tricks by a group of popular girls that call themselves Las Divinas headed by Antonella, who view her as an ugly duckling.

Patito becomes the leader of Las Populares a group of more sensible young ladies that challenge Las Divinas.

A trailer for the telenovela featuring all three actresses was released in late 2010.

Mexican actor Eddy Vilard was previously attached to the project for a lead role alongside Danna Paola, but dropped out.

Miss XV follows the story of two teenage best friends, Valentina and Natalia, (who were born on the same day at the same hour), who dream of the perfect quinceañera birthday party, and long to become the girlfriends of their respective crushes, Niko and Eddy.

Miss XV is inspired by the 1987 telenovela Quinceañera, starring Adela Noriega and Thalía.

Gonzalez was considered for a part, but was later told that she lost the role because producers felt she was too old.