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Conflict of interest attorneys dating

While these skills may be rewarded in law, they can have disastrous consequences when applied to interpersonal relationships.

While this characteristic is not unique to the legal profession – nor is it necessarily a bad thing – when rigidly applied, it can be problematic.Start with introducing the issue of racial bias to the jurors and then try to get them to talk about it.Make sure to link questions about race to your case.Implicit bias is developed over the course of a lifetime through exposure to direct and indirect messages.Studies show that implicit bias can affect how we all make important decisions in our lives.See Judicial Training Update “Jury Selection ‘Batson’ Challenge”.

To access all past judicial training updates and the Judicial Resource Library, go to the Minnesota Judicial Training & Education Blog.

The propensity of many law students and attorneys to be perfectionistic can sometimes impede their ability to be flexible and accommodating, qualities that are important in so many non-legal domains.

The practice of law is rarely as glamorous as it appears on television.

Even the most balanced and well-adjusted lawyer at some point eventually succumbs to the pressures of working in the legal field.

Put an ordinary individual with unresolved issues and inadequate defenses in a hyper-competitive environment such as the law, and you have the formula for a psychological crisis.

Few, if any, lawyers I know have the luxury of sitting around and philosophizing about the law, at least not if they want to get paid.