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Cnn mobile site not updating

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If you assume that a non-responsive design renders your website unusable for mobile users, it might seem like a no brainer, but that really isn’t the case. Let’s take a look at my own blog as viewed on my Mac: So far, so good.My site is built upon the Woo Themes Canvas theme, which at the time of writing is not responsive (it will be shortly however — eek).

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But do you know what is even cheaper than responsive design? And let’s not forget the extra time it will take to produce a responsive design, and the additional complications that will be involved.There will of course be exceptions that prove the rule, but such sites usually look terrible on a desktop PC too.More often than not, a well designed desktop site will be perfectly readable on a mobile device, without you having to lift a finger to accommodate it.One of the loudest arguments behind responsive design is that mobile devices are often operating on sub-broadband speed internet connections, so sites should be stripped down to ensure optimal load times. There’s just one problem — many responsive designs don’t actually decrease the load time over their desktop counterparts.It is a habit of many designers to elements, but unfortunately this does not prevent them from being loaded.Whilst one can argue that this is simply bad practice, it is also common practice.

An optimal (and non-responsive) solution is to use lazy loading, which is essentially a trick in which you choose to load the most resource-intensive elements last.

As a result, users across a broad range of devices and browsers will have access to a single source of content, laid out so as to be easy to read and navigate with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

So from one platform to the next, the design of a site will adjust based upon the device’s particular resolution and/or screen size restraints.

The most pertinent question is this — would I have preferred to see the desktop layout on my i Phone? Generally speaking, a responsive design is going to cost more than a non-responsive design.

Resources are typically stretched as it is, so forking out an additional chunk of money for a responsive design is a painful experience.

By the above definition, responsive design seems like a sensible move for web design.