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Christian dating advice single moms

I recently spoke to a group of single women and share my take on how to find a Godly man. And no, you have not been “called” to lead him to Christ, so that he can one day be your husband, so stop telling yourself as much.

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If you listen to Christian leaders you will be told that single mothers themselves aren’t at fault.Your future Christian husband is not looking for his wife at the local bar, falling down drunk, with her boobs hanging out.Start thinking about what it is that you want in a man and start portraying it in your own life.Yet Christian men, especially Christian leaders, can’t bring themselves to call out this pervasive sin which is harming countless millions of children.In fact, when an actress and single mother wrote a book touting the benefits of fatherless children not only failed to call her out for her own sin and encouragement to other women to sin, they plugged the book.A lot of women have decided: “I’m never going to find a guy who is actually dependable and responsible to have a life with.

So I’ll just get a career and have a baby and just intentionally be a single mother because there are no guys worth spending life with.” I’ve shared all of this before, but the insanity of the modern Christian position on out of wedlock births is so great that it is tempting to forget just how incredibly foolish it is.

In a radio interview Glenn Stanton was moved by the heroism of single mothers and explained: …look around within your community, your church body, and you see young boys being raised and dad gone because of his death or because of his desertion or because of a divorce or maybe he just never was on the scene…

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Yet Christian men and Christian leaders can’t bring themselves to criticize women for the rampant and very open flaunting of biblical teaching on marriage and sexual morality by women.

This cowardly silence is not only sinful but immensely harmful to men, women, and children.

What is often a prelude to divorce, separation, accounts for another 15%.