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Thus the foundation of today’s globalist Ponzi scheme on the verge right now of implosion gained its lethal foothold into our lives just one year before “the war to end all wars.” A handful of extremely powerful men including prominent New York Senator Nelson Aldrich, Paul Warburg (representing the Rothschilds of Europe), Jacob Schiff (with also longtime Rothschild ties) of Kuhn, Loeb & Company and a few others like Benjamin Strong representing the financial interests of America’s most elite money barons and industrialists like John D. In his autobiography during the same year the Ponzi scheme was launched, then former President Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.

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President’s Day then becomes a sober reckoning of how the fate of our cherished democratic republic was lost and stolen by today’s totalitarian oligarchy.With one of the Jekyll Island participants Colonel Edward M.House acting as President elect Woodrow Wilson’s personal advisor, the robber barons had plucked the Princeton University president from relative obscurity, planted him in office as the Governor of New Jersey in 1911 and then had him elected president the following year.Others have linked the tragedy with the recent death of Michael Hastings, a young American journalist whose revelations about U. general Stanley Mc Chrystal’s contempt for White House officials forced his resignation as Nato chief in Afghanistan.Dan Kaminsky, a security researcher and close friend, says Jack had recently had ‘uncomfortable meetings’ with cash machine manufacturers and makers of electronic medical devices. And David Marcus, an expert at the security technology company Mc Afee, says Jack was at the cutting edge of such research.It’s certainly true that the speech he was due to give was greatly anticipated.

Previous similar demonstrations attracted huge audiences. One in Melbourne, Australia, last year, saw Jack deliver an 830-jolt to a pacemaker by logging into it remotely.

Hackers are a suspicious bunch who have become even more paranoid since the U.

S government’s efforts to silence whistleblowers such as ex-soldier Bradley Manning (who faces jail for leaking secret government cables to Wiki Leaks).

House’s instrumental role of influence and power over Woodrow Wilson might be analogous to what Zbigniew Brzezinski’s was to President Jimmy Carter and Henry Kissinger to President Nixon.

But the former Ivy League president was an intelligent man who had written a book published the same year he became president showing he was fully aware of the shadowy bankster cabal.

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