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Carla bruni dating

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Billionaires really do think differently than the rest of us.Ask Carla Bruni if she misses the privileged but very public life that came with being France's First Lady from 2008 to 2012 and she doesn't mince words.

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The idea mostly it came from David Foster, who produced the album. There is a live version on the You Tube where they go much faster than they do on the recording. I wanted to hear his ideas though, so we met in Paris and had a cool afternoon where I played some of my favorite American and English songs on the guitar, like I’ve done since I was 10 years old. David said he really liked them because we twisted the songs a lot. I did that with my guitar player and my piano player who are both on the album. The songs I’ve heard are very different from the originals. I think it was fun for David -- who is sort of a grand producer that uses orchestras and strings and big productions for great voices -- to do these acoustic covers. I’ve given many songs to a very good French performer Julien Clerc. I also gave some songs to a French-Canadian singer named Isabelle Boulay. I’m also writing songs for another artist, but I haven’t finished, so I don’t really want to talk about it. I also recorded the album, and I have young children, so I’m constantly quite busy as a mommy. My daughter [Giulia] is 5, and my son [Aurélien] is 15, but still there is a lot of taking care of him. "The Winner Takes It All." I've been playing it since I was a teenager on the guitar like a Joan Baez song. I love Joni Mitchell, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and all the blues people. Ten days in Paris, where we'd send our work to his engineer in L. So when I’m not on tour or recording music or promoting it, I stay with the children really. So I hope Joe Strummer will not send me messages from heaven, or hell. And then everybody said, “Those songs are so personal, you should sing them yourself.” So that’s what I did. It's like you're sitting on a porch somewhere in the South playing a song." Who are some of your other musical heroes? I know that you've had some previous experience with our president when, many years ago, he falsely claimed that he had dated you. Do you have any advice for Brigitte Macron on dealing with the attention that is being focused on her right now?

Who are some of the singers you've worked with recently? Oh, Leonard Cohen for sure, and in America Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith. The demos took maybe two weeks at home, and then with David we did two 10-day periods in the studio. Ever since my husband became president of the French Republic, I hold myself back from making political comments. It’s hard to give advice without looking pretentious.

It’s such a perfect song that it really didn't need a cover.

The lyrics are quite dark, but they’re made stronger because, nowadays, noise is everywhere.

The year was 1991, and Donald Trump had already discharged his first wife, Ivana, from her duties and was dating Marla Maples for some time.

He eventually went on to marry Maples in 1993, but first, high drama occurred.

Then the magazine asked Maples to verify the tape as Trump’s voice, which she gladly did.