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Bsd pkgupdating h

bsd pkgupdating h-13

08-Jun-2013 4085 0001-ubus.c-expose-route-enabled-state.patch 29-Jun-2012 634 0001-ulog-introduce-new-simple-logging-api.patch 25-Feb-2015 6367 0001-utils.c-add-helper-function-to-format-mac-..26-Feb-2011 2339 015-ship-pkg-m4.patch 25-Nov-2010 5589 020-freebsd-compat.patch 02-Apr-2011 313 040-optional-daemonize.patch 12-Sep-2012 243 100-custom-mac-formatting.patch 27-Sep-2012 1090 100-do-not-use-NI_IDN.patch 10-Jul-2013 270 100-fix-boradcast-address-on-64bit.patch 22-Jun-2012 968 100-fix-list-unique-segfault.patch 06-Jan-2013 709 100-python3-compat.patch 06-May-2012 3241 100-reclaim-device.patch 18-Jun-2012 226 100-use-RTPROT_STATIC.patch 11-Aug-2012 1687 100-vanilla-lua-compat.patch 19-Sep-2012 564 101-rtsp-linux-3.6-compat.patch 09-Nov-2012 485 110-fix_rate_calculation.patch 22-May-2011 277 120-libnetlink-pic.patch 14-Nov-2009 148 120-strip-unsafe-dirs-for-relinking.patch 20-Dec-2010 556 200-uloop-EPOLLHUP.patch 07-Jul-2012 453 200-wl_probe.patch 14-Jun-2010 562 205-fix-headers_install.patch 06-Dec-2013 1881 350-introduce_demand_route.patch 13-Aug-2012 1786 500-ayiya-add-reconnect-logic.patch 07-Nov-2011 3309 6to4-rfc1918-detection.patch 12-Jun-2011 1116 6x4-rework.patch 18-Jun-2012 4379 802.11n-200902-Jan-2012 7677288 80_fake_mtd 17-Feb-2015 521 820-b43-add-antenna-control.patch 09-Nov-2011 4361 90-nat-reflection 31-Jul-2010 2278 900-32-maxvaps.patch 14-Oct-2010 445 900-indicate-build-type.patch 08-Nov-2011 721 910-fallback-sprom.patch 27-Jun-2010 1965 910-monitor-dev-fix.patch 03-Mar-2011 556 920-backport-ntpd.patch 25-Oct-2011 76486 980-wnr834b_no_cardbus_invariant.patch 28-Apr-2011 411 981-extend_bcm47xx_fill_sprom.patch 28-Apr-2011 2815 982-wnr834b_provide_fallback_sprom.patch 28-Apr-2011 505 990-fix-debug.patch 05-Aug-2010 1331 998-pci_delay.patch 10-Aug-2010 421 999-override-regulatory.patch 03-Dec-2011 4243 999-ssb_expose-fallback-sprom.patch 13-Jul-2010 729 999-ssb_fwrequest-fallback-sprom.patch 13-Jul-2010 3505 999-wl_exports.patch 27-Jun-2010 955 Open Wrt-SDK-ar71xx-for-Linux-i686-gcc-4.5-linar..

bsd pkgupdating h-19

Fetching meta.txz: 100% 944 B 0.9k B/s Fetching packagesite.txz: 100% 5 Mi B 793.1k B/s Processing entries: 100% Free BSD repository update completed.Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies.This book contains many real life examples derived from the author's experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant.which appeared to work and showed the correct version. Fetching BSD/ports/amd64/packages-9.0-release/All/libxml2-2.7.8_1.. rnas:~# pkg_add -r php5-extensions Fetching BSD/ports/amd64/packages-9.0-release/Latest/php5.. Fetching BSD/ports/amd64/packages-9.0-release/All/sqlite3-3.7.9.. Fetching BSD/ports/amd64/packages-9.0-release/All/php5-xmlwriter-5.3.8..

Fetching BSD/ports/amd64/packages-9.0-release/All/php5-xml-5.3.8..

It is just funny, but not humorous, that it should happen on my first attempt to admin a Free BSD system using pre-built packages...baptism by fire I suppose - which was the intent - but the flames were higher than I expected!

Welcome to Linux, a friendly and active Linux Community.

Producing and hosting NAS4Free cost money, please consider a donation to our project so we can continue to offer you the best. eg: PAYPALNote: In latest and UP is NOT necesary to install php modules, in this case please read the HOWTO write by Daoyama: viewtopic.php? rnas:~# pkg_add -r php5 Fetching BSD/ports/amd64/packages-9.0-release/Latest/php5.. Fetching BSD/ports/amd64/packages-9.0-release/All/pcre-8.20..

UPDATE sea1150: Now the web server nas4free works on behalf of the user www:www (!!!

And speaking of trying things, I did also use pkg install tree on the VM instead of the ports build, and it worked.