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Temporal Linguistic Dysplasia is a condition where a time-traveler arrives in a time able to speak the native language. ) Rip Hunter: All humility aside, we are the most important security organization that no one's ever heard of. Ray: Well, we're about to steal a ship, go grab Julius Caesar in Aruba - all before history completely collapses. (Jax nods as if this proves his point.) Stein: Your point? The simulation they are seen running is based on the events of 214, where The Legends had to save the Apollo 13 astronauts.It's a frequent side-effect of historical displacement. Sara: I bumped into one of Rip's Time Agents a while back. (Mick struggles with two suit-clad Time Agents) Mick: Get off me you damn missionaries! They are told tomorrow's class will have them stopping a nuclear missile from attacking New York City - a disaster The Legends averted in 201.

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right up until the point that Julius Caesar shows up intent on conquering the beach!Nate says "dormi strictum amicus" before knocking out a guard. Or, as Nate loosely translates it, "Sleep tight, buddy." In the final scene of the episode, Amaya is seen using The Anansi Totem to summon several animal spirits at once, using them to attack a group of British soldiers. Nate also broke up with Amaya, who was allowed to stay in 2017.This is a new power for Vixen, who has previously only been depicted summoning one spirit at a time to draw upon their power. Stein: And to quote the great conqueror himself, "We came. " (Ray and Nate high-five.) Jax: (quietly and jokingly, to Sara): Nice work. Apparently she dumped him and decided to return to 1942 on her own following a conversation with Rip Hunter.When Sara is powering up The Waverider, she says "engines to power, batteries to speed." This is a nod to the phrase frequently said by Batman and Robin in the 1966 Batman TV show when starting The Batmobile, though there it was "atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed." Professor Stein says "Great Caesar's Ghost! This is a nod to the catch-phrase of Perry White, the editor of The Daily Planet in the Superman comics, who used "Great Caesar's Ghost! Julius Caesar's speech to rally a toga party to his cause features the line, "The cowards die many times before their deaths. " This is a paraphrase of a line from William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar - "A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once." The photo that Gideon supplies for the mock dating profile Ray creates as a distraction is an actual photo of actress Amy Pemberton, who provides the voice of Gideon. In the timeline formed when Caesar is not assassinated, The Roman Empire lasts another 2000 years and conquers The New World. (Caesar steps forward, putting his hands on Sara's shoulders.) Caesar: It cost me eight years and countless centurions to conquer Gaul. Nate spent the last six months fighting crime as Steel in Central City, independent of Kid Flash and Vibe.Ray and Nate pay homage to the original Ghosbusters, quoting Bill Murray's misquote of Julius Caesar - "We came. What was the United States is labeled "Magna Hesperia" on the new map. The map also identifies several areas with Latin names including Civitas Angeli (City of Angels) near Los Angeles, Flos (Flower) in Florida, Sola Stella (The Only Star) in Texas and Procidens Aqua (Falling Water) near Niagara Falls. But with an Amazonian queen like you by my side, I could make short work of the rest of the world. (Sara places a hand on Caesar's chest and pushes him back.)Sara: ... (Stein announces his intention to remain among The Legends to Jax.) Stein: I shanghaied you into our first voyage. He claims to be the second most popular superhero in Central City, behind The Flash.You'd think Ray of all people would know better than to ask if Sara needs help in a fight. Performances Once again, Caity Lotz steals the show and shows why this series has become her vehicle.

The interaction between Franz Drameh and Victor Garber is fantastic, with the two playing off the conflict between Stein and Jax perfectly.

Ray: My miniaturization technology has the potential to actually make the world a better place! If it doesn't live on a phone, it's not the future, Ray. Ray just stands there, still in shock.) Ray: (quietly) Well, I've actually been to the future. (Mick looks up to see who is blocking his light while tanning. The other Legends are convinced Mick is telling the truth about seeing the real Julius Caesar after Mick tries to use a golden Roman aureus from the first century B. Jax has dropped out of college, despite being on his way to getting a Masters in Engineering in two years. Apparently she had a boyfriend (now future husband) with whom she was on an academic sabbatical in Rome.

He sees a Roman officer on horseback.) Mick: And who the hell are you supposed to be? She had just returned home to tell her parents in person. Untelevised Adventures Apparently Ray, Sara and Nate have been continuing to work as vigilante heroes over the past six months.

Technobabble An anachronism is a person, place or thing outside of it's natural place in time. According to Rip, going back to her proper time was her idea, not his.

Ray Palmer has developed a new way of shrinking organic matter and streamlined the technology so that it can be worn more effectively. Nate: Totally rather get shot than look like a Sears model. The Time Bureau has an office in Star City in 2017.

This is why Julius Caesar is able to speak English. Mick has apparently acquired several STDs recently.