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Yousef Wahby(Player) The most famous ‘player’ from classical Egyptian cinema, Youssef Beik Wahby, was always trying to pick up hot young girls and engaging in all these love affairs - entertaining in movies, but seriously offensive in real life.

In April, an Egyptian court sentenced 11 men accused of committing homosexual acts to terms of up to 12 years in jail on charges of "inciting debauchery." In late 2014, Egyptian authorities detained 26 men in a raid on a Cairo bath house after police received a report claiming they were holding gay orgies. It could even be a compilation of different traits.When you look at Egyptian cinema, you can clearly see how different actors repetitively embody these traits in their movies. Gilman’s Cairo Pop is the first scholarly treatment of Egyptian popular music – surprising, that, since Egypt has a thriving pop music industry, centered in Cairo, that reaches not only a domestic audience but a multinational one in the Arabic-speaking world.But according to Gilman, an anthropologist who teaches at De Pauw University, hardly anyone regards Cairo pop as worthy of serious study, even though millions of Egyptians and other Arabs listen to it.He set out to explore those links, mainly by concentrating on musiqa al-shababiyya, the genre that young Egyptians prefer to all others.

Given the political turmoil that roiled Egypt during the years he lived in the nation’s capital (2006–2011), and that continues under the nation’s current military dictatorship, Gilman acknowledges that it may seem irrelevant to discuss pop music consumption.

But in Egypt, the connections between pop music and politics are "both long-standing and deep." Having lived in Cairo during the last years of the Mubarak regime and immediately afterwards, a "time of unprecedented change in Egypt", Gilman observes that some of his analysis may now be out of date.

Cairo Pop is a snapshot of a particular place at a particular and highly momentous time.

Not consistently being yourself inevitably causes problems between couples because, how is one supposed to know Abdel Salam El Nabolsy(Arrogant) Many of us loved this guy; his consistent exaggerated arrogance was always very comedic.

But in real life, lifting your nose up high and arrogantly comparing yourself to be better than your significant other is a big no-no.

The outlet cited a source close to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community as claiming that the online dating platforms, such as Grindr, are jeopardizing the safety of the conservative Muslim country's homosexual population.