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The modern slang form, which is distinguished from the older usage by being written only in hiragana (おたく), katakana (オタク or, less frequently, ヲタク) or rarely in rōmaji, first appeared in public discourse in the 1980s, through the work of humorist and essayist Akio Nakamori.His 1983 series An Investigation of "Otaku" , printed in the lolicon magazine Manga Burikko, applied the term to unpleasant fans in caricature.

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The definition of otaku subsequently became more complex, and numerous classifications of otaku emerged.In 1999, a group of anime fans came together and started Anime USA, a three-day convention celebrating Japanese animation, art, culture, history, and fashion.In 2004, Anime USA formed a non-profit educational organization to host the convention.In 2005, the Nomura Research Institute divided otaku into twelve groups and estimated the size and market impact of each of these groups.Other institutions have split it further or focus on a single otaku interest.Animators Haruhiko Mikimoto and Shōji Kawamori had used the term between themselves as an honorific second-person pronoun since the late 1970s.

Supposedly, some fans used it past the point in their relationships where others would have moved on to a less formal style.

It is typically used to refer to a fan of anime/manga but can also refer to Japanese video games or Japanese culture in general.

The American magazine Otaku USA popularizes and covers these aspects.

Positive and negative aspects, including the pejorative usage, were intermixed.

Morikawa Kaichirō identifies the subculture as distinctly Japanese, a product of the school system and society.

These publications classify distinct groups including anime, manga, camera, automobile, idol and electronics otaku.