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Your time is focused on them more because that’s what you are used to.After a while, you get in the swing of things and it’s like they never left.” – Samantha Hamilton Well, we’ve gushed through it all from the emotional journey of deployments to the important documents you need.

” – Shaylee Vandyke“Take your child’s feelings seriously. Print out a special picture that they can carry with them to school and help them write letters to their parent.This journey of deployment is not an easy one, but we’ve got some advice and tips to help during this time. Get involved with your community and give back to something to fill the time you usually spent with your spouse.For us, keeping God our number one focus and priority was an incredible and unbreakable foundation for our marriage to stand on.” – Cameo “Have a great support system, including someone who has also had, or has, a spouse who deployed.As the newness wore off, every day got more and more comfortable as he eased into his new reality!” – Chrissy Oliverson During this time it can be a BIG adjust period as a couple and as a family. We will cover everything from preparation for deployments to coping during the deployment to homecoming day.

Throughout these topics, we will also share advice straight from military spouses and members.

You almost come to point where you just want them to leave to get this deployment going for it to be over with, am I right?

There are a lot of different aspects to prepare for the distance coming ahead. Speaking openly before you or your spouse deploys about different communication tactics, and then actually putting those into practice when the time comes is what made the transition so much easier for us.” – Carly Audiss Okay, so the distance has set in.

With all of this advice, you should be able to survive your deployment with your sweetie.

Just remember to take it day by day, make time for you , and before you know it, you will be back in the arms of the one who carried your heart across the world! Including: a long distance relationship care package, long distance date in a box, a countdown tracker, long distance prescription gift, AND some long distance romance tips!

” – Belle“When my husband returns home from deployment, it’s like you’re starting all over getting to know who they are.