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Audrey tautou dating

Spesielt i filmens første del er det lett å la seg forføre av den ambisiøse idyllen som synes å blomstre ut av det unge paret.Her er også filmen på sitt vakreste, med en soldus tidskoloritt som gir et nostalgisk slør til den egenrådige og estetisk bevisste familien.

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As an actress you need to show yourself a little bit and remain an individual.I made a lot of my own designs — I was particularly proud of an A-line woollen winter skirt.I used to sew my theatre costumes with my grandmother. They have a black nose on each toe and ears on the sides.She was born in the same region of France as me, so I knew a bit about her life story before playing her.There’s no risk of looking bad when you wear a little jacket and a pair of jeans. When I was younger I didn’t look like a little princess.The whimsical nature of Amélie lends itself perfectly to a musical adaptation, and we bet Phillipa did a fabulous job because she has an amazing voice.

I spent a month in London, incognito, because the movie wasn’t out yet.

We barely recognized her at first, because she reminds us SO much of the original film’s star, Audrey Tautou.

Phillipa totally channeled Audrey Tautou’s look in this multi-patterned red ensemble.

I recently found my Travelcard from that trip and I’d kept my hair exactly the same style as Amélie’s.

I loved the final catwalk scene in I’ve always felt a resemblance to Coco Chanel.

Ansettelsen av mannskapet, Gullpalmen i Cannes, nybrottsarbeidet med dokumentarfilm og de fiffige oppfinnelsene.