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Asian dating powered by vbulletin

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When one ethnic group comprises that group more than another, the correlation jumps over the root cause/delimiting factor and goes right to the wrapping on the box. The individual, however, is too unstable (statistically) to predict based on the motives and trends of the group they belong to. [/literary reference] ^yep if we continue Blacks as a demographic example, its interesting to note in London, Peckham with the highest amount of low income Blacks has one of the highest crime rates.

Here on Upper East Side, there's clearly an increasing number of such couples.The reverse situation is rare - you would hardly see Asian men with white women.I am really curious to know what is the explanation of this. Asian females seem to be more demanding on the serious side of a relationship. : O Now, caucasian males are not exactly the best either on the long term.I am really curious to know what is the explanation of this.Is it that the number of women coming from the Asian countries is higher than the number of men? No big deal, given enough exposure you will easily but subconsciously recognise the differences without ever being able to put a finger on it.With East Asian/European ethnically mixed couples I must say that even here the E Male / EA Female mix seems to be overwhelmingly more common than vice versa.

No idea what the Oriental chaps do Maybe, like the Russians in the post above, they can all marry American women . I think its a bit dangerous to make sweeping generalization about what people from a given country (let alone ethnicity..) are like, so I will eave you with the words of a former colleague on this topic (which do not necessarily represent my own view).

Though now its coming full circle with Black woman - E Asian man Black man - South Asian woman increasingly common among the new generation.

Among Brits Black guys are consistently rated higher in looks than any other race among white females when studied (surprisingly even among those who felt 'mixed relationships didnt work').

OTOH, that back end difference may not be as great as the typical cultural differences between men and women even in the same culture.

It just takes a bit more time to get used to something you have not really seen in your own experience... These are just generalizations, with each asian culture having its own differences. There are some base commonalities in regards to culture and conduct when it comes to the Asian society, but once you get down to specifics and individuals, YMMV!!!!

Or, do Asian women somehow prefer white men as dates/husbands because of some cultural considerations? However the age old stereotype is Chinese have double lidded eyes (like much of the world), and Japanese tend toward 'single' lid. Basically with single lids the almond eye shape is more pronounced, it can make someone look more feline.