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“I controlled my food purchases, buying small,” says Cam.

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Raised on a farm in Thailand and accustomed to eating fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables, Plewtong believes that using organic ingredients is the best way to recapture those roots.Nielsen also notes that the younger Asian-American generation (those 18 years of age and younger) is “ambicultural” — they have strong ties to both their ethnic heritage and to U. culture — and is becoming a powerful influence on mainstream culture.Both Plewtong and Cam have noticed the growing availability of organic Asian produce and food products.and you can always find local people selling things like organic rice.” Considering that the growth of organics coincides with the growth of the Asian-American population, it’s not surprising that the two overlap.Cam notes that part of her success lies in the appeal of Green Zone to Asian-Americans who are both health-conscious and want a taste of home. who don’t want to give up their culture,” says Cam.Cam has since expanded the original San Gabriel Valley location, opened another Green Zone in Old Pasadena, and plans to open another, breakfast-centric location in Temple City sometime this year.

Saifon Plewtong went a step further when opening her hot pot restaurant, True Seasons Organic Kitchen, in Anaheim.

“I think when you look back to traditional Asian cooking, it’s healthy,” Plewtong says.

“It’s just what people add to the food that it becomes unhealthy.” She’s a stickler for clean, organic eating, and that message certainly seems to click with True Seasons’ customers.

Whenever Plewtong goes to farmers’ markets, she observes that Asian people make up the majority of the people there.

“And it’s usually the Asian booths,” Plewtong adds, “the ones that sell Asian vegetables, that are the most packed.” However, it doesn’t stop there: Cam says that many Asian food companies are also coming out with organic options.

“You can imagine, they are like, ‘I want to eat organic, I want to eat healthy,’ but then they have to eat at places like Tender Greens.