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Are kellyanne and wes still dating

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Also, after the blowout that was the first Battle Of The Sexes, the Bunim-Murray team should have known the boys would destroy the ladies and make for kind of depressing TV.

The Inferno II was the first installment after Road Rules was canceled. Free Agents seemed tailor-made to end the era of Bananas dominance in the Challenges: The elimination selections are random! So much for that "anything can happen" tag line, eh?At that point, Bananas had only participated in The Duel (and was eliminated in the first episode), so we didn't know what a full Bad Ass he could be but... The Duel, a good format, was significantly lamer in its second installment thanks to a rag-tag crop of players. — AND the show gave us the very weird, making-it-work-in-real-life coupling of Abe and Cara Maria.The field weakened on night one when CT annihilated Adam's poor face and Adam fought back, ending both their runs. OK, some of the exes were a bit of a stretch (did anything happen on camera ever between Bananas and Camila? Mark Long coming out of retirement to be paired up with Robin, who cried at literally everything that season, was one, but nothing topped the CT and Diem story.TJ actually quipped, "We've never had a four-year-old on this show before." This Challenge also gave us Cara Maria, Laurel, Theresa, Brandon, Mandi and Vinny, so.... Both Beth and Cameran quit in The Gauntlet II and TJ proved that he, weirdly, cares about this game perhaps more than the players when he let them absolutely have it. Rivals the first was genius because it featured serious enemies: Robin and Aneesa, Evan and Nehemiah, CT and Adam.Also, letting people have it on Gauntlet II: Chicago alum Aneesa. But no one in Challenge history has ever hated each other more than Wes and Kenny, and they were teammates.The concept was solid — teams of four from an original Real World city season battling it out — but the casting was poor, which isn't usually a problem for this show.

Originally, a RW: Sydney team was cast, but was replaced at the last minute with a Fresh Meat mashup that contained Camila for some reason.

Fresh Meat is important to the franchise because the cancellation of Road Rules reduced the pool of eligible players.

But Fresh Meat II is important because it showed just how tangled the web of alliances is with these weirdoes.

CT and Diem, actual exes with actual history and actual love between them, had a serious breakup and serious beef (she didn't show at his murdered brother's funeral) and they worked through it all on the show.

Though they didn't end up winning, watching them become friendly was extremely satisfying after nearly a decade of drama.

The Island was a terrible format: no challenges, no elimination battles, and no food.