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Are jonathan and charlotte dating

“We needed to break out and do our own thing,” she says, “but we certainly haven’t put anything in the way of coming back and doing something else together in the future.” “Jonathan, having studied at the Royal Academy, was obviously into classical music whereas the first classical I’d ever sung was on Britain’s Got Talent,”says Charlotte.“I’ve studied musical theatre since I was four, so I was suggesting songs from classic musicals.” She’s entirely unashamed of her love for old-school musicals: well, she did go to the same stage school as Julie Andrews.

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Having worked closely with the music and TV titan, Jonathan also reveals that Simon Cowell's Mr. He told me that Simon is actually an absolute "sweetheart" in real life. And we're not finished yet - there's still plenty more to come from Jonathan.So, why the split after the mega-selling ‘Together’ and the follow up gold album ‘Perhaps Love’?“We had started to talk about our third album,” says Charlotte, “and it quickly became obvious that there wasn’t enough material to suit both our voices together as they are right now”she explains.There’s “On My Own” from Les Mis, the Richard Marx song “Right Here Waiting for You” and Neil Sedaka’s classic ballad, “Solitaire”, alongside Lloyd Webber’s “Pie Jesu”.There are also a couple of top-secret big-name duets in the works.COMING SOON: Don't miss Part 2 when Jonathan talks honestly and powerfully about his battle with depression and suicide.

We are delighted to announce that Jonathan Antoine & Charlotte Jaconelli, runners' up in Britain's Got Talent 2012, have signed solo record deals with Sony Classical.

“They’d never let me put my i Pod on at house parties, let’s put it that way,” she says in an accent that only slightly betrays her Essex background.

Growing up in an ordinary working class family (her parents split when she was ten although she appears to have dealt with this well), Charlotte was clear that she wanted to be a performer even as a four-year-old when she started weekend stage school, the very same school where she eventually started teaching a few years later.

The pair, who sold more than a quarter of a million albums as a duo, now look forward to the next stages of their burgeoning careers.

As a thank you to their loyal fans Jonathan and Charlotte will be releasing a final recording together - a free download of a special recording of "Time To Say Goodbye".

She knows it’s going to be hard work – especially without Jonathan along for the ride – but she’s never been afraid of that.