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Alex succeed at dating boot camp

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We'd spent the other 2 and a half hours in a club, where my instructor pushed me into sets. I now have second doubts about my instructors ability to perform, as I feel he was making excuses just so he didn't have to approach.

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They weren't well acquainted with the best areas sarge; basically their logistics weren't tight if you have certain standards about your women."Good job on approaching man, you did what 99% of asf can't do." That was it. In fact I was so upset with the way things were going, and the complete lack of caring by my instructor, that I actually left the program early one of those days, with no desire to continue. We spent the first five hours of that in another seminar, going over the exact same material we had gone over the first two days.It was so bad, I was tempted to not even attend day three at all. The second hour we went shopping at various clothes stores so my instructor could show us what's currently in style. You can get this same experience watching the fashion channel. That's right, a mere one hour on Sunday was spent doing field work. After this complete waste of money, I emailed Tyler Durden the following day, stating my concerns, giving him a chance to somewhat remedy the situation.I would soon find out that he is indeed a social robot, and lacks the ability to vibe on anything else besides game.There were many times where I, the other student, and my instructor would be walking down the street, in complete silence.His replies contained the context of "We have your money now, and there's nothing we're going to do for you." In fact, I didn't even want my money back.

I would of liked a second bootcamp where things are done right.

So, I'm writing this now to let other people know my personal experience with RSD.

I'll admit, Julien's Hotseat that I attended with them was pretty badass, but Owen's portion had a mediocre level of explanation that didn't suit me when he was explaining things in a non-technical nebulous manner that my brain didn't grasp.

Prior to attending bootcamp, I started consistently doing Pick Up since the end of March of earlier this year.

Because of RSD's good marketing tactics, it drew me into doing their live event.

On top of that, it was a 2on1 bootcamp as opposed to a 4on2, meaning more sets, and more attention. To all those who knew me beforehand, I was very much looking forward to this experience, and went into it with an open mind. My instructor was actually nervous and a bit fidgety upon meeting him.