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Adventure chat like sex talk

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I guess I should have seen it but that was not why I was called to the kitchen.When the mixer started, it was on extra whip, sending all of the liquid out of the bowl.

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Candy turned to look and said "yes, I think it would be best.When she turned around, our eyes locked and her mouth fell open. Like a flash, my wife had gone to get towels, returned and was handing one to each of us.When I broke my stare, my wife was consoling Tabs and helping her dry off.After moving a handle and pushing a part or two, then flipping a switch, it sprang to life.It was at that moment I realized that no one had reminded me the content in the mixing bowl was mostly liquid.A cruise was going to happen for the three of us and maybe Leslie's friend Tabitha, Tabs as we called her.

I was planning on telling them about the trip tonight during dinner and since Tabs eats at our house, she will learn of the trip as well. I was sitting in the den with my feet up, relaxing.

We all noticed it at the same time but from my vantage point up close, I got the best view.

Tabs arm quickly covered her breast and turned away to repack herself while I burned the image in my mind for later use.

I don't smoke but I do drink every once in a while and I love eating seafood.

I had already booked a cruise before prices skyrocketed but kept it from the entire family.

Candy was in the kitchen with Leslie toiling over supper when Tabs let herself in the front door. It had been a long day of meetings and this was my relaxation time.