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Accomodating travel

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We would like to make your stay and your journeys to and from Koelnmesse as comfortable as possible and offer you a wide range of travel planning services in addition to accommodation and leisure options in Cologne and the surrounding area.Accommodation is where you live or stay, especially when you are on holiday or when you are staying somewhere for a short amount of time.

For other road users, particularly bicyclists, they may cause concerns.We have even identified petfriendly wine cellars and wine farms.In addition, we list pet products and travel accessories; pet services like doggy day care centres, dogwalkers, grooming parlours, pet spas, kennels and catteries; as well as dog trainers, animal behaviourists and animal healthcare practioners, both traditional and alternative.A part of the success in accommodating the variety of road users present on our roadways is the use of flexibility in the design and placement of rumble strips.To fulfill their purpose, tires must drop into the rumble and cause enough vibration or noise inside the vehicle to get the driver's attention.Coordination with local bicycling organizations is highly recommended when developing policies and projects.

Bicyclists, in particular, are affected by edge line and shoulder rumble strips.

The following contain information related to the effects of rumble strips on motorcyclists: Where corridors carry a significant volume of truck traffic, designers can take into account both the applicability of the warning properties of rumble strips to trucks, and the appropriate placement within the pavement cross-section.

magine a world where you don't have to leave them at home; where you can plan an outing, a day trip, a weekend away, a mid-week break or an end-of-year holiday that not only includes your beloved pets but actually caters for them!

It will also indicate if there is a charge for pets and if a Doggie Damages Deposit (always refundable unless your dog eats the furniture! The Pet Policy also indicates whether an establishment offers any extra servcies or amenities to travelling pets and their owners, like doggie menus and pet-sitting.

Petfriendly also features places to walk your dogs, petfriendly restaurants, coffee shops and markets where dogs are permitted.

Selected accommodation and travel packages for Samoa can be booked online with our Samoa Direct facility.