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In Ireland this decision stirred strong feelings and disagreement threw the country into a civil war. Now, more than 85 years later, the situation is still unresolved.

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Therefore, they did not deserve a separate seat in the Legislative Council.

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They once transfigured Ron's teddy bear into a giant spider, sparking his arachnophobia.


Encouragement, and this phrase is arguably the most commonly spoken praise children hear. Instead of cutting off the conversation, you can say, “I know you want my answer to be different, but it will not change”.

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Organisms capture a certain amount of carbon-14 from the atmosphere when they are alive.

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First looking for simple meet and greet to make sure we have a mutual attraction and common interests in life- must live in Knoxville, TN only (20-25min from me) You are between 33-45yrs old only Live within I'm not here to give you money nor ask for money i'm here for someone real so if you think you can scam you best move on ain't happening don't care if you say where's the trust, trust is when i meet you.